Taking Care of My Parents When They Grow Old

My daughter and my mother during Nanay’s 56th birthday.

Home care is better.

My mother recently celebrated her 56th birthday and we went to their house. We brought her a birthday cake, egg pie and ice cream but when we got there around 11:30am, there was already so much food on the table–all ready to eat! She was already dressed and ready to accept guests.

Honestly, we did not know that she invited others. After all, if I did not text her that we will be going there, she did not ask us. We also did not expect her to cook because that night was the anniversary celebration of their church. So we were indeed surprised with her preparations.

Actually, we wanted to take them out to a nice restaurant so that they will not have to spend and not have to work on the kitchen. But they said they don’t want us to spend because eating out would be expensive. But it turned out, she spent more on her preparations, which she calls “no preparations.” haha

Well, that is my mother and it’s her birthday so let her have it.

My mother is just 56 but my father is already 66, so he is already considered a “senior citizen.” But both of them are strong and healthy and living on their own at their residence. I have moved out to live with my husband and my brother is already working in another city. I just know though that one day, I will have to come back home to take care of my parents.

And it has to be me or even if I hire someone to take care of them, I have to be there. While it is common practice in Westernized countries to have parents in geriatric care homes, I don’t think my parents would feel good about it.

It would just be good to have some advanced medical care around here, but that is just about it. They will have to live with their family as they grow old. 😀

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