Taking Turmeric and Other Supplements

Hubby and I know how much good effects that supplements can give our bodies. However, we cannot really afford to regularly take the good quality food supplements because a lot of them cost so much.

So what we do is we take several things alternately. For example, we would buy CL Pito-Pito Herbal drink, USANA Essentials, the Chinese supplement Hawthorn, Sodium Ascorbate, Enzymes, Probiotics, and even Turmeric from time to time, whichever is available.

Yes, turmeric. We learned that turmeric is a great anti-ageing cooking herb that is also an antioxidant, so we take the powdered form with lukewarm water.

These are just some of the things that we do to keep ourselves healthy and work in optimum performance. We stay up late most of the time so we really need supplements like these. You should try them too. 😀

Note: These supplements are based on what we feel and our pre-existing conditions, like HDL and triglycerides.

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