Teacher Leaves Family and Moves in With Former Student

I know that a lot of your have already heard the news about the high school teacher named James Hooker, 41, who left his wife and three kids in order to live with his girlfriend–Jordan Powers, 18–his former student at Modesto High School.

The mother of the girl, Tammie Powers, has launched a nationwide hate campaign against Hooker, but the problem is, it seems that her daughter just wants to live with this man and doesn’t want to come home. Hooker claims that they never had a relationship when Jordan was younger and that they only started dating when she turned 18. Too bad that Mrs. Powers could not charge him with statutory rape because she is no longer a minor. While this is incredulous to believe, the bottom line is, Jordan wants to stay with the teacher rather than go home with her mom.

This is a really sad happening. I cannot even begin to think what happened. But that is reality. And it happened. I really don’t know what could make Jordan go back to her family (not sure if she still has a father or maybe she doesn’t, which is why she went with her elderly teacher), but it sickens me to think that Hooker has left his family for this girl. His eldest daughter is about the same age as Jordan and the poor girl is bearing the brunt of the humiliation in school.

Tsk. Tsk. I am sorry that I have to say this, but Mr. Hooker is really a selfish, sick man to do this.

4 thoughts on “Teacher Leaves Family and Moves in With Former Student

  1. Really sad. Sometimes it is the influence of the entertainment industry like Hollywood that cements the idea and the lack of good morals ground in during childhood. 🙁

  2. Parents be aware that this incident goes both ways. We should be attentive to what our children are engaged in most of the time more so that media is very influencial. We are not there 24/7 especially when they are in the teens as we too are busy with family obligations but if we have built a foundation and an open communication with them we could easily give advise and see the changes as we go along. We cannot live their lives but setting a good example is all we can offer……

  3. I’ve read about this and even saw them on TV. I think the girl was just brain washed by the teacher. I believe in karma and I’m pretty sure it will come back to the teacher.

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