Text Messages

You know what?

I sometimes get irritated when I get so many text messages throughout the day, one after the other, and all these are because of celphone marketing. It is because sometimes I am too busy and then I have to stand up and check my celphone because it might be an important message.

And then it will just turn out to be from networks and these are just mobile marketing messages. It really irks me because I get distracted from my work and I have additional text messages to delete from my cellphone.

Sometimes though some of the messages are also useful, such as credit card announcement about promos. I also appreciate the acknowledgment I get that my credit card payments are received. These get to us ahead of the fliers that come with our billing. So at least we are updated with the latest. What I don’t like is the messages about ring tones and those other network requests.

Oh well, I guess it is something that I have to live with because I have a cellphone plan.

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