The 8 Moves that Make Women Swoon

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I read online that these are what you call “the moves” that make girls swoon. Do you agree with this list?

1. When man tells his woman how good she looks in an unexpected way.

2. When man is spontaneous in his words and actions.

3. When man lets his woman talk about herself without limit.

4. When man tries to be more charming to her woman in a “relaxed and humorous way”–meaning, without pushing it.

5. When man plans an unexpected but fun first date.

6. When man maintains meaningful eye contact with the woman.

7. When the man is true to his word.

8. When man is chivalrous.

I do agree with some, like No. 1. My hubby does praise me how I look and I know he really means it, it’s just that I just find it hard to accept sometimes. haha I know I am fat and I seldom take the time to primp myself. But I guess, hubby looks at me from the eyes of love. haha Thanks, Babe@

About No. 5, the man will just have to be sensitive about the girl’s dislikes when he plans an “unexpected date.” I saw in a reality show once that a man brought the girl with him on his job on their first date. He was in the business of taking out stuff and garbage in college dorms. The girl was all dressed up and had her hair done so it was unfair to her when he took her to work. He had her help him carry stuff in the moving van while wearing heels. Bad taste. Take this as a first date tip.

But I do agree with chivalry. My husband of five years is still very chivalrous and his little gestures never fail to put a smile on my face. 😀

Information taken from Chelsea Kaplan of Do share your thoughts. 😀

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