The Art of Marriage Seminar

The art of marriage workbook.

Upon the insistence of my parents because they said they already paid for it, hubby and I attended a marriage seminar at our previous church. It is entitled The Art of Marriage.

I had been passing up seminars lately because it is hard for us to concentrate with the two kids with us. We have no one to leave them to because we don’t have a sitter. My parents offered to take care of the kids while we attended the seminar but in the end, the two kids still stayed with us.

It was a video seminar but in the course of the time, there were pauses so that the couple can discuss the questions in the workbook. But we were not really able to do that because I had to breastfeed Siobe while standing up a couple of times and when she slept, she would not let me sit down either. So much for having extra hands because in the end, it was still us who had to take care of the children.

Well, it was not entirely a wasted event. If there is one thing that stuck to my consciousness, it is the fact that in every situation, our spouse is not the enemy. There is an enemy that seeks to destroy our marriages and if we don’t protect the relationship, the enemy will eat its way in.

In a way, hubby and I also realized that we are kinda “drifting apart”. No, it is not really alienation or that we love each other less, it is more like we haven’t connected much lately. Yeah, we eat together, we spend time with the kids, and all, but we are always so busy and by the end of the day, we are bushed. We are no longer watching our favorite shows together nor are we talking deep stuff. Most of our talking is done through chatting.

I know that the growing kids are just for a season. But in the meantime, we really need to work on the connection part so that the chasm will not continue to grow.

Thank God for speaking to us.

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