The Auction of Virginity

When you watch the world news on your set perched on a tv stand with mount or you read the daily news from the paper, you get from being entertained, to angry, to amused, to nauseated in just one sitting.

Like for example, I was reading the online news today and came across an article about an Australian director that set up a website for his documentary where virgins, male or female, can auction off their virginity. These people are of age and have plans for the money that they will earn. And they would earn a lot. They will be paid $20,000 each and they also get 90% of the bids.

A young woman, Catarina Migliorini, 20, from Brazil sold off her virginity to an unidentified Japanese man for $780,000. About the same time, a young man named Alex Stepanov also auctioned his at $3,000.

Catarina said that with the money that she will make, she will help the poor of her hometown, Santa Catarina. She said that she does not think of this as prostitution because she will only lose it once.


But the act will be consummated on board a private jet so that the producers will not be charged with prostitution. So what do you really call it?

I know this is twisted but I guess people will do everything just to earn some buck when they are desperate. 🙁 So sad.

I, too, have a daughter and we are soon going to have another one. This really troubles me. This issue of what is morally right or wrong comes from the family, from the values instilled by the parents. I don’t know what is going on with the families of these people and I don’t have judgments. All I am saying is that if we have young children at home, let us be responsible in their upbringing so that they will not live wayward lives in the future.

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  1. man gets 3k for his virginity, woman gets 750k – and still females bleat on about ‘gender equality in the workplace’ – your in the wrong profession luv!

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