The Birthday Greeting That Made Me Feel Silly

Hubby’s greeting on my Facebook wall.

It’s the eve of my birthday. Hubby worked late so that he would not have so much work tomorrow and that he could be able to spend some time with us.

I was able to get Dindin to sleep at 8:45pm and I thought that I could get some work done but I became sleepy myself so I also hit the sack. I woke up later to find that hubby was already in bed with us. He was using the iPad and despite my many movements to indicate that I was awake, he didn’t acknowledge me.

Well, I started feeling sad that maybe he forgot it’s my birthday. I wasn’t really expecting any gift or such–a greeting was enough. So anyway, after some time of battling with my feelings, tears fell and I turned off my laptop. It was then that he got up and greeted me and told me that he had a message for me on Facebook. He was waiting for the clock to strike 12 before he posted it and he was just trying to stay awake because he was already so tired.

OMG! I felt so silly crying that I just cried in his arms feeling ashamed. I think the disparity of time that I started crying and the time he posted his greeting was just 2 seconds apart. If only I waited a little more. LOL Just a wee bit more… Now, I can just laugh about it. hayyyyy…silly me.

Sometimes, we wives expect too much of our husbands. They just can’t do everything. LOL I felt so silly with how I felt and reacted.

Thank you so much, Babe. Indeed, reading your prayer list for a life partner felt like I was reading a description about me, including the quirks. I was really surprised when I saw it while we were already married. weeeeee That was maybe God’s affirmation that we made the right choice in each other. I love you to bits! Thank you so much. Mwah! <3 <3 <3

13 thoughts on “The Birthday Greeting That Made Me Feel Silly

  1. What a beautiful greeting for your birthday. I wish you many more happy birthdays with your husband who cares so much for you. I sometimes have a tendency to think the worst as well when a situation appears not so good – have to remind myself all the time there could be another explanation.

  2. The one that caught my eye in this post is the song “When God made you”. This is such a sweet and loving greeting. Indeed, when you wait for your God’s best all of those things in your list will have its own checks each (or they even have better characteristics). God bless your marriage and family! πŸ™‚

  3. WOW! just the sweetest!
    the song “WHEN GOD MADE YOU” is also our wedding song.
    Praise GOD for the husbands that we have!

  4. WOW! Just the sweetest! You’re blessed!
    The song “WHEN GOD MADE YOU” is our wedding song.
    Praise God for my husband! We’re really blessed!

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