The Connecticut Home of Christopher Meloni

The facade of Christopher Meloni’s Connecticut home. Photo from the internet.

After watching several seasons of Law and Order SVU almost non-stop (yes until the wee hours of the morning every single day), I feel that I have already personally known the lead actor, Christopher Meloni. haha What a joke. But seriously, it’s funny that he seems very familiar already. And when I saw that he is selling his relatively new Connecticut home, I feel like buying it! LOL

Connecticut real estate costs much less than what you can get in New York. For the price of a luxurious pad in NY, you can get a sprawling estate in CN. And this is what Mr. Meloni is offering. He bought this house in August last year and now he is putting it up for sale after sprucing already sprucing it. It is not stated why he is selling, but that he is, after all, his wife is in real estate.

The comfortable living room. Photo from the internet.

Anyway, before you call me a stalker, the closest I can get to Mr. Meloni is to take a photo tour of his house up for sale and it is simply amazing. Oh my gosh! I would love to have a house like this. But it has to come with at least two helpers, okay? LOL I can’t clean up the whole place by myself!

His house looks much like the home of a family friend that I visited many years ago. But that one was a smaller version of this, but also well appointed. Ahhhh…I like Connecticut homes. And I love living here. You are near New York for convenience but you are quite far away from the crazy city life that New York offers.

The quaint dining room. Photo from the internet.

If I would get to live here, I will have personalized print envelopes that will have a return address label featuring a photo of my house! haha It is so nice and homey! More my style.

The dreamy, luxurious kitchen. Photo from the internet.

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