The Crazy Wife

Okay, I have to admit, I have my crazy days. And it is also driving my husband crazy. You know, it is not the PMS thing anymore or the full moon thing. There are days that I just crack and vent it out.

That is because I am highly emotional and I attach emotions to many things. And when I put my husband in a position where he is the enemy, that is when he cracks.

I dunno, I can’t help it. Or maybe that is what I keep on thinking. If I don’t this, then literally, there are no fights because my husband is not one who will instigate a fight (as opposed to a healthy argument). Sigh…if only there is a pill that I can pop in order to rid myself of getting too highly emotional, I would definitely buy it and cure myself of this malady, if I can call it such.

Truth, I also get exhausted because getting angry is really tiring. God help me, please…I feel like a lunatic!

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