The Jennifer Lopez Mansion That Housed a Stalker

Jennifer Lopez’ posh home in the Hamptons. Photo from the internet.

Many people adore Jennifer Lopez because she is a total performer and a fashion icon. And so beautiful, too. But despite the admiration of millions, there are only a few ones with rather loose screws on the head that would go to such an extent as stalk her and worse, imagine that she is actually his wife.

I got a couple of photos here of the J-Lo’s mansion at the Hamptons and the house is a real stunner! I love it with its clean and neat exterior and the sprawling grounds. It’s just lovely for growing kids. She reportedly bought it for $10 million, so I guess there is no surprise there. But all I can say is that, what a lovely purchase. :-D

Anyway, going back to the story, she had a stalker who lived in the pool house undetected for six days. You see, J-Lo was not at the house during the stay of the stalker, who was identified as John Dubis, but it is creepy that he got to stay there for six whole days without getting caught by the guards and the servants. Imagine that! And they have full-time staff in and outside the house.

Finally, a staff spotted him when he went peering inside the house. The neighbors actually noticed him but just thought that he was part of her large crew. After all, a celebrity always has a throng of people around her.

An aerial view of the property. Impressive. And so many places to hide. Photo from the internet.

Whew! That is scary. He claims that he is J-Lo’s ex-husband and that the singer actually sends him gifts all the time. Gee… Creepy to the max!

Oh well, that is the prize of celebrity. You get to connect to different kinds of people.

But I do love her house–inside and outside. So nice! And what a large yard!

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