The Love of Books

My husband and I love to read. If we just have more time to spare from our responsibilities, we would be caught reading.

That is why we buy books for our child. We are thankful that we now have the Book Sale that we can get good quality imported books at a fraction of the price. Some of the books are new while or just slightly damaged while others are pre-loved. But that’s okay. We just look around and choose which ones have the best value. There are those that are quite high priced but are already damaged so we don’t buy them. We are just thankful that we now have quite a collection of children’s books–both storybooks and educational ones.

We are also happy that Dindin is showing an interest to reading. As early as 4 months, we introduced her to books. She could already sit up and was wide eyed whenever I would flip open the pages. Eventually, she was the one who flipped the pages to her books. And up until now, she would ask us, “read book.” hehe She already knows how to talk so she can ask for what she wants.

What I need now is a spacious bookshelf where I can store the books. I want a covered cabinet so that the dust could not come in. I hate dusty books because I am allergic to dust.

Other things that we would like to have are a couple of dress watches that we can wear on special occasions. But wow! When I looked it up in the internet, even if we sell our car we could not afford even just one! haha Well, it is a dream!

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