The Most Memorable Movie Soundtrack

Notting Hill, starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. was our first movie date as friends. Photo from the internet.

While many people nowadays may be caught with an earphone attached to their ear because they are listening to music, I am quite the opposite. It seems I can live without music because I do not really notice it if something is playing or not. Subconsciously,

I am not really into it, which is the reason why I cannot really notice the soundtracks in movies. I am pretty sure that I would notice if there was no music or if the scoring is off, but since musical scoring is pretty nice in most of the movies that I have watched, I taken them for granted.

Anyway, the most memorable movie soundtrack for me was “When you say nothing at all” performed by Ronan Keating for the movie Notting Hill, which starred Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. It was memorable for us because that was the first movie that my husband and I ever watched. We were only friends then and he asked me out to watch Notting Hill for, you know, just a friendly date. We caught the movie at Robinsons Cinema. It was a romantic movie and I really loved it. That first date kinda sparked things between us because soon after we started corresponding through emails.

So that is why that song stuck with me. I love the melody as well as the lyrics. Plus, it was connected to one of our firsts as a couple We still sing it from time to time and we have taught it to our daughter, too, because well, it is singable. Dindin likes it, too. She might sing it in a wedding soon. 😀 Awwww, I am so in love. hihi The feelings that this song ignites…

Well, here is the video of When You Say Nothing at All, Ronan Keating version:

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