The Pressure of Getting Pregnant

It has been more than a year now since we got married and despite having no control, we can’t seem to produce our own baby.

Of course we pray, and of course God has already spoken to me and of course, I have already accepted the situation and enjoying our marriage more because there no longer is anxiety over the pressure of procreating.

However, sometimes well meaning family and friends are getting to me. They are trying to suggest everything that may “help” me get pregnant. But it is kind of difficult to explain that I have sort of an understanding with God. On my part, I did steps that could help me become pregnant. But nothing happened.

I asked the Lord about it, should I do something else and pray harder, the answer came in two different occasions, “Trust” and “Have faith.” The Lord also assured us of His promises.

But yesterday I was convicted, part of my acceptance of the situation is the acceptance of the reaction of people around me. I cannot help it–but I will have to live with people–people who just care and want to help. Max Lucado said that “tomorrow’s joy is fathered by today’s acceptance.”

Thank God for that. Now I am at peace with myself. The Lord is not slow in fulfilling His promise. I know someday, He will bless us with a child. I just dunno when. But I trust the perfection of His time.

God bless you all!

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