The Role of the Best Man at the Wedding

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During weddings, the groom chooses his best man. It is usually the man closest to him–a brother, a cousin or a best friend.

But what is a best man’s role aside from walking down the aisle before the groom does?

The best man has roles before, during and after the wedding. While the list below is not a rule book, you can have an idea what the best man can do for the groom, the couple, and the event itself.

Before the Wedding
Be with the groom as he dresses for the ceremony, keeping him relaxed and helping him if he needs anything. The best man also makes sure that the groom has what he needs for the honeymoon if the couple is leaving immediately afterwards.

In some cases, it is the best man that drives the groom over to the wedding location, as the bridal car is with the bride. The groom and the best man should be at the venue at least 30 minutes before the ceremony starts.

The best man also distributes the boutonnieres and makes sure the groomsmen are wearing them properly.

During the Wedding Ceremony
The best man usually enters with the groom and makes sure that the wedding rings are safe in his pocket. If there is a young ring bearer, he usually carries mock rings while the best man has the real rings that he takes out when it comes to the exchanging of rings.

With the matron of honor, the best man lets the principal sponsors sigh the marriage license.

During the Wedding Reception
At the wedding reception, the best man gives out a speech and leads the guests to a toast for the newlyweds. If he is handy with a best music man guitar at Musicians Friend, then he can probably offer a song to the couple.

After the party, he can also offer to bring the groom’s suit to the dry cleaners. And of course, he can ask what else the groom needs. 😀

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