The Samsung Happy Home is THE Dream Home

Upon the onset of every marriage, or even before that, every couple has what we call the “Dream Home”. For the working middle class, we would often hear the phrase, “even if it’s small, as long as it’s something that we can call our own.” Yes, we want to start a new life with our spouse and eventually build a family in our own home.

Of course, each one of us has his or her concept of what their dream home should be but it cannot be denied that if are just allowed to splurge with unlimited budget, we would like to live comfortably, complete with appliances, gadgets, and fixtures that will make our lives easier.

The Samsung Happy Home Roadshow features at The District North Point what new home appliances from Samsung can give us more convenience.
Our family at the Samsung Happy Home Roadshow. The kids loved the many TV screens! haha

And this is exactly what Samsung Consumer Electronics Philippines is trying to show us in the Samsung Happy Home Roadshow that is currently ongoing at The District North Point in Talisay, Negros Occidental until October 31, 2015. The roadshow features some of the new products by Samsung Consumer Electronics, which includes a smart television, home entertainment solutions, and digital appliances. According to the press release, the roadshow started in Manila last August and has completed their Mindanao leg last month. After Bacolod, the roadshow will proceed to Cebu, Naga, and Iloilo.

Through the roadshow, Samsung aims to show families how they can enjoy the many conveniences and possibilities of a modern home. We were treated to a show this morning where actors that played the role of a family showed us how Samsung home products are designed to meet the needs of every Filipino family at every life stage. Regardless of family size, age, location, or interests, they are telling us that Samsung has a solution to every need.

Samsung Televisions
Viewing a movie at home will never be the same with the Samsung SUHD TV. The Samsung SUHD TV boasts of the nano-crystal technology and re-mastering picture quality engine that produces 64 times more color expression than conventional TVs. It is also 2.5 times brighter than conventional UHD TVs. Aside from SUHD TV, Samsung also has LED, Smart, and UHD TVs showcased.

This father excitedly talks to his kids about their TV viewing experience with the Samsung SUHD TV.
Our Dindin simply felt “at home” at the Samsung Happy Home Roadshow.

Samsung Home Entertainment Solutions
You might also want to check out and appreciate the jaw-dropping Curved Soundbar that features a multi-channel speaker and side speakers that can enhance the surround sound and provide better sound clarity. Meanwhile, Samsung Wireless Audio 360 produces balance sound in all directions–fill all around the room. Ahhhh…wouldn’t that be nice in our bedroom while we watch our favorite Superhero shows! This system also has a built-in Wi-Fi that enables you to control the audio system where you can play different music in each room of the house or just play a uniform tune. Wonderful!

The Samsung Wireless Audio 360.

Samsung Refrigerators
Almost every modern home has a refrigerator and every lady in our group was just amazed at the Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator (FSR) on display. It features the revolutionary “fridge within a fridge” design that has two independent areas, which offer more space and better organization options. The FSR also has a metal cooling door that restores the temperature in the fridge faster than any conventional refrigerator door. The FSR allows maximum storage space while keeping the energy consumption at a minimum. Cool deal!

Officers from Samsung talk about how the kitchen is much better with Samsung appliances.

Samsung Washing Machine
Not to be snubbed is the tedious chore of washing clothes that each home has to contend with. Samsung levels up the laundry experience with the Samsung Activdualwash. The hands-on wife/mom can experience great cleaning power, greater convenience, and less back pain with this new innovation. The new Samsung Activdualwash features a built-in sink, washboard, and water jet that are built right into the washer so everything is within reach.

This model mom has more quality time with her children because she now uses the Samsung washing machine.

Samsung Airconditioners
It is just getting so hot here in our country with rising temperatures each year. To live comfortably means to have an air conditioner that you can conveniently turn on when it becomes so hot inside the house, especially at night. The Samsung AR7000 air conditioner features a triangular design that enables quicker, further, and wide cooling. It has a digital inverter that will let users enjoy a powerful and optimized cooling system without paying so much more for electricity. It also comes with the Virus Doctor features that filters the air and keeps it clean.

Samsung Smart Ovens
This is where my wife went ga-ga. The Samsung Smart Oven features the all-in-one cooking solution. It has the SLIM FRY Technology that allows oil-free frying and fuss-free frying and grilling. I have a feeling that I will be hearing about this for many days to come. haha

The Samsung Smart Oven features the all-in-one cooking solution.

Samsung is trying to show us that a few upgrades in our home appliances can really mean a lot in terms of making our lives easier. For more details about these new Samsung products, visit their website,

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