The Troubled Marriage of Amy Winehouse

I am not really into Amy Winehouse. Honestly, I never knew her until it was reported that she was already dead. Miss Winehouse is a talented singer who has sold millions of records and her songs were widely loved.

But despite the fame and the wealth that came with it, Amy had a troubled life filled with drugs, alcoholism, and a troubled marriage. She was once married to her on and off boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil and from then on, their lives spiraled down. Looking at their photos, they looked like they spared no time getting wasted. They were often photographed drinking and smoking. There was even a time that they were caught on cam all bloodied while walking down the street in London.

They divorced after two years of marriage, although most of that time, Blake was in jail for assault charges. And it was reported that hours to her death, Amy had been on a drug binge with a cocktail of chemicals that includes heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine, which is horse tranquilizer.

Oh my….I could only imagine what their life was like when they were still married. The parents of both Amy and Blake are always worried about what the two are up to. And the fathers-in-law had already engaged in a fist fight. It seems both set of parents are claiming their child was better off before they met each other. Well, we do not know who is right, but Blake actually admitted in the past that he was the one who introduced Amy to cocaine and heroin.

Sigh….It is just a waste to see them end up like this. They both had so much potential. This is the first instance and definitely not going to be last.

Note: In the photos above…Left: Amy and Blake during happier times…Right: Amy visits Blake in jail.

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