Tidying Up the Room

I really believe that if you want to have a tidy room or house, you just have to follow after everything. I mean, if you open something, close it. If you take something out, put it back where you got it as soon as your done because before you know it, everything is just piling up and you have so much stuff to store.

I just just managed to arrange one area of the room but there is just so much stuff to keep and even throw away. If only I do throw away stuff and immediately clean surfaces…but that would mean that I will not be doing other things.

You see, I don’t have help and I do the cleaning, taking care of the baby, and also I have a freelance job that knows no hours. Sometimes I am just to tired to clean then I will get doing the chores when there is just so much in front of me that I could no longer think.

There is just so much paper, plastics, rubbish, etc….Things that could have very well been thrown away. Gee, we are such clutter bugs, my husband and I. hehe

Well, we are all busy so tidying up the room is one of our lesser priorities. I just wish I can do more. buhuhuhu

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