Time to Myself

Yesterday, I felt so overwhelmed with the pressures of life that I just sort of went out to get a breath of fresh air and also to spend some time alone.

I really did not know where to go, I thought of spending the whole day at the Robinsons Cinema but I thought the ticket for a movie is P200 and if I stay in just one cinema, I would be bored after the first showing. If I moved to another cinema, I would have to pay the ticket again and I thought that is so much money involved.

Instead I went to the salon and had a foot scrub and pedicure. After all, my feet have cracked soles already because of wearing rubber slippers all the time. Oh my feet felt good after the scrub. Then the girl kneaded my weary calves and feet before she finally applied my shimmering pink nail polish.

But the massage was not enough. Of course, it was just like a minute or two per leg.

Today, our saleslady, Nang Edith gave me a therapy because suddenly I couldn’t walk because there was like a nerve that was stuck on my back. She massaged my lower body and gave special attention to my calves and feet and I felt that they were so sore. Of course because I use my feet so much by walking around. But I think that most of the strain is really because of the fact that I am already very heavy for my legs to carry me. I carried Dindin this morning to the Medical Plaza and perhaps I put so much strain on my legs. My upper body weight is too much. Perhaps my body was designed so that I will not gain so much weight.

So today, I kinda started my no carb diet again and I hope to successfully undertake this…one meal at a time…

But you know what? This is something that I would really like to do–soak my feet in a tub filled with fragrant oils and flowers, much like this picture that I took from Spa Natura. I wonder when I can really do this? haha I know this is for pictorial’s sake but I kinda like the idea of my feet soaking in flowers.

Spa Natura is located at the 2nd Level, Two Sanparq, San Antonio Park Square, Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City 6100, Negros Occidental, Philippines
Tel. Nos. (63) (34) 709-0399, 441-2495 & 441-2502
E-mail Address: info@spa-natura.com

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  1. well i think i need to give that a try, i have essential oils i used in my aroma theraphy but my problem is my flowering plants are not yet in bloom, still have to wait for some time ahaha

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