Tinder’s Recent Poll Reveals New Ways of Dating for 2022

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Young Pinoy adults are certainly redefining norms. From breaking stereotypes to setting new standards, they have also transformed the world of dating with their different set of priorities. Though young, they know what they want and are evolving a new dating style that veers away from traditional conventions and expectations. They find the need to express bold new preferences and beliefs while putting a lot of emphasis on emotions and experiences. Learn more about the results of the recent survey conducted by Tinder Philippines with 18-25-year-old young adults and discover new ways of dating for 2022.

young adults, millenials, Pinoys, young adult Pinoys, adulting, dating, Tinder app, Tinder Philippines, swipe to match, IRL dating, relationships, new ways of dating, dating styles 2022
~ What’s new? Young adult Pinoy daters’ new ways of dating 2022, according to a survey by Tinder Philippines. ~

What are the New Ways of Dating for This Year

Tinder’s Future of Dating 2020 report revealed the dating behavior of its members, from during the peak of the pandemic and into 2021. Results showed that 18+-year-old singles are shifting from the familiar chronology of slow courtship.

Probably a result of the pandemic, they are opting for more flexibility in their dating expectations, emotions, and experiences. They prefer to maintain a certain fluidity in their dates and dating choices, consciously avoiding stereotypical dating practices and going with what they determine to be best at the moment without losing sight of the future. This shift from traditional dating and courtship customs and ways of thinking is reshaping today’s dating landscape well into the future.

“Young Pinoy 18+ year olds and above factor in many considerations in their dating choices, and their preferences reflect their lived experiences and pop culture influences as diverse as Hallyu Wave to Hollywood, They find joy in doing simpler activities for their dates and meeting new folks with similar interests that our newest feature Explore is based on with sections on Foodies, Coffee Date, Thrill seekers and so on.” explained Tinder Senior Communications Director of APAC Papri Dev.

young adults, millenials, Pinoys, young adult Pinoys, adulting, dating, Tinder app, Tinder Philippines, swipe to match, IRL dating, relationships, new ways of dating, dating styles 2022
~ The future of Tinder, according to how young adults go dating nowadays. ~

Tinder’s recent poll found six top characteristics of young Pinoy adults’ new ways of dating in 2022.

Keeping dates simple

It is a good thing that young adults now are more prudent with finances. In stark contrast to older generations’ dating style, the survey revealed that 73% of Pinoy young adult daters prefer simple dates such as grabbing a cup of coffee or strolling around urban spots.

Food dates come second as an ideal first date, with respondents saying that checking out new budget-friendly restos is a great idea to start getting to know someone. Moreover, classic movie dates secured the third spot, as young Pinoys stated that they love the idea of watching a movie on the first date.

It’s all about connection and communication

Tinder’s survey results show that in choosing someone to date, 88% of young Pinoy online daters look for someone they can trust and talk to. A large percentage said they will choose someone who is open-minded and accepting. Respondents also prefer someone with whom they can communicate their needs and wants, and who shares the same values, each getting 74% of votes.

While the profile photos still matter, Pinoys definitely give more weight to personality over physical attributes.

With the lockdowns restricting outdoor mobility and gatherings, many young daters started taking their dates online. These virtual dates became beneficial for everyone as they became a new avenue for them to know their matches better before making any commitment.

Virtual dates have therefore become a more popular choice among young Pinoy online daters, with 45% saying they’ve gone on virtual first dates many times and 30% revealing that they have done it at least once or twice.

More than 60%  said they can create meaningful connections with someone through virtual dates, and many claimed they can tell if they have a connection with a match through a video call. Interestingly, 43% said they are more likely to consider progressing the dating period to an exclusive relationship if they’ve been on virtual dates.

Finding “The One” in Modern Dating

Young daters may downplay K-crush standards as the basis for their date choices, but Korean and Pinoy rom-coms and dramas, although plagued with romantic cliches, are keeping their hope for itinadhana (the destined one) alive. This generation may scream walang forever (there’s no forever) or maghihiwalay din kayo (you will eventually break up), but their sana all (hopefully all) always wins. 

When asked for their reasons for dating, a whopping 86% revealed they are looking for the one or a long-term relationship. Sixty-one date to find their own happiness, and 43% date in search of intimacy. Possibly driven by the pandemic, a few people date to avoid feeling alone while some others date to boost their confidence.

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~ It seems that young people like to keep things simple when dating. ~

If you thought the young guns will be disheartened by the celebrity and idol breakup stories that dominate social media lately, think again. They are not the kind to give up on love.

Dating those with similar interests

When asked what has stood in the way of their dating, 56% revealed they don’t like making the first move, and 43% said they feel awkward doing so.

Possibly still basking in the glory of independence, 26% revealed they are living their best single life. Some respondents expressed they need help in finding new people to meet (25%) and others said they need help with ice breakers (23%).

This is the reason for Tinder’s Explore section, which houses a number of categories based on members’ Interests. These Interests, or Passions, present various scenarios such as Free Tonight? for those looking for spontaneous meet-ups, Let’s Be Friends for those looking for pure friendship, Binge Watchers for those looking for fellow daters with a passion for TV series, and much more to help users easily find matches that share their interests and provide easy conversation starters.

The latest Tinder upgrade will soon allow members to tag 20 Interests in their profiles.

Paramdam to put yourself out there

Young Pinoy online daters don’t shy away from sending subtle hints to express their romantic intent.

About 78% will try to connect with someone they’re romantically interested in through frequent chats. Meanwhile, 59% will find opportunities to spend time with their matches by asking them out, and 57% will send memes, stickers, and GIFs to make paramdam.

In the spirit of keeping dates simple, 55% will express their intent through calls and video chats. Leveraging their social media savviness, 48% prefer to be visible on social media by posting thoughtful comments and frequently liking their crushes’ posts.

Pinoy daters are more honest and authentic on their dates

Sixty-one percent of Pinoy daters surveyed will choose to have an open and honest conversation with the person to share how they are feeling. Meanwhile, 20% will give it more time to better assess where things may lead to.

Dating for this generation is a stage to get to know their matches better. The survey found that 37% of Pinoy daters choose to date three to four times before deciding whether they want to continue seeing each other. However, 32% of them said that they can decide just after one or a couple of dates.

About Tinder

The Tinder app was introduced on a college campus in 2012. Now, it is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people. Available in 190 countries and 40+ languages, it’s been downloaded more than 505 million times, which led to more than 70 billion matches.

How about you? Have you experienced using Tinder? Have you found your match?

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