Tips on Opening a Scrapbook Store

From papers, to pens, to stickers and accessories the scrapbook industry has grown to a multi-million dollar business.  If you think that you are ready to start a scrapbook store, the most important part of your business will be learning what your customers want most with effective inventory software for small business.

When starting a business like a scrapbook store there are many concerns you must answer before opening your doors for business, and monitoring and tracking inventory is only one of them.

Before starting your business consider the following:

·         Do you have a good business plan?  You can’t just say one day, hey I think starting a business could be fun, and the next day open your doors to the public.  There’s a lot of work and planning that has to go on beforehand.

·         Are you ready to dedicate hundreds of hours to getting your business off the ground?  Starting, owning, and operating a business requires much more than the normal forty hour work week.  When you run your own business you will eat, drink, sleep, and live your business day in and day out for years.  You must be dedicated and able to put in the number of hours it will need.

·         Do you have the support of family and friends?  While you might love scrapbooking and have friends and family who love it too, that doesn’t necessarily translate into them loving and supporting your business venture.  Without an effective support team in place to support you in your business venture it is much harder to succeed.

·         Do you have a financial cushion to begin with?  It will be several months to maybe even years before you see any type of significant return on your investment or income from your new store.  Do you have resources to pay your current bills and obligations that allow you the time it will take to get your store to the point of bringing in profit?

·         Do you know what products to buy and sell?  Though you might be thoroughly passionate about scrapbooking yourself, your interests and those of your clients may vary.  It is important to learn about the latest fads, options, and techniques of the business before attempting to open a business marketing them.

Opening and running a scrapbook store takes a lot of time, investment, and dedication.  If you are ready to make the commitment and dedicate many hours to making it a success you might just find you have the skills and talent needed to make it a great business.  Learn what your customers want, find ways to provide it, and do it with great customer services and you might find you entirely enjoy your new venture.

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