Toys for Big Boys

Like any other man, my hubby likes Toys for Big Boys, like gadgets and cars. Yup, he is like a gadget guy, almost like drooling about the latest finds. But of course, thankfully, he has not gotten any further than ogling and drooling tech magazines and computer shops because he knows our priorities are for Dindin’s needs. If we can afford it, why not? I would gladly allow him to splurge on gadgets that he can use and tinker.

He likes using his time to tinker, assemble, and use gadgets. What he would really like to have for more than a year already is an iPad so that he and our daughter can share in the apps. Oh well, it is not a need so that is put on the side.

I am writing this as an entry to my sis-in-law’s new meme. 😀


3 thoughts on “Toys for Big Boys

  1. thanks for the support…


    funny sang imo comment about my header ;-D hihihi.
    you design nalang abi for it? pati actually mga badge ko naham-ot ko kay ka obvious gid nga bag-uhan ;-D hihihi…

  2. na accidentally sent ang 1st comment… hihi…
    it should be:

    i understand how guys really like to have “toys” 🙂 hihi…

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