the newest fitness gym in Bacolod

Fitness Mecca Bacolod - Technogym Omnia Functional Training
Our little girl on the Skillmill by Technogym — the first of its kind in the Philippines. It’s a new product by Technogym.

Honestly, I am not very sports minded. I don’t think I have a fit bone in my bone. I am the kind of person who does not get the “fun” in a “fun run”. The only sports that I really like is swimming. I swim every morning with my special stroke while getting out of bed.

Kidding aside though, I do like swimming. But still, it is not something that I do regularly. And lately, even swimming is something I am not very fond of anymore. So when wifey had to drag me to try out the newly opened fitness gym at the Robinsons Citywalk, I almost violently protested. Yeah, just almost.

Yes. She had to drag me. And even though we were allowed free trial sesions, she had to drag me. Want to count how many times I used the word “drag” so far? Does that convince you enough that I am no fitness buff. But I really didn’t have a choice. After all, we were billeted at the nearby GoHotels Bacolod and we had the kids with us so off we all went to the gym.

Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym skill mill
So here I am trying out the Skill Mill — this new exercise equipment by Technogym.


So we visited Fitness Mecca to see their equipment and try out some of the exercise routines that they have to offer. Indeed, the new gym is impressive. It is spacious and have only the newest workout machines, equipment, and gadgets. They feature the line of exercise equipment from Technogym, a world leader in fitness innovation. Aside from the machines, the have daily classes, too, like boxing, spinning, Zumba, yogaHIIT, and suspension training. My fellow bloggers and I sampled the spinning session under Chao Lacson, but after a couple of songs, I gave up and two days later, I am still feeling the soreness on my legs. Wifey has been whining about her arms and entire body, but she says the most pain is on her arms. We wonder why.

Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
We had spinning classes under the jolly Chao Lacson. It was more like a spinning trial actually. We threw in the towel soon after.
Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym boxing classes
Wifey and fellow Negros Blogger Betsy Gazo try the boxing.

I am no exercise buff. I feel like repeating that to emphasize my point. But I was almost convinced to get on a life of fitness. The people at Fitness Mecca were able to make me see that it can be fun. And I guess if I am going there with a group, finding friends who are also health and fitness buffs, then probably it is time to sign up. But nah… Many of you probably do not really need convincing anymore though. I write this piece not to convince those like me to sign up in a gym. But more to convince those who are already fitness buffs to try out or even shift to Fitness Mecca.

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From what I have seen, I think that they have the best equipment and facilities to date. And most of all, they have the trained staff who can guide you through them, whether you are a fitness newbie like me or a veteran gym goer. I think that the gym is successful in making everyone feel welcome and at home in this new fitness hub.

Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym
The kids thought that the green area is a playground. They absolutely loved it here. Workout for them is fun. Good for them!

Fitness Mecca

Robinsons Citywalk
Open daily, from 6am to 9pm
Monthly membership: P2500 (unlimited use)
One-time registration fee: P1000
Walkin in daily rate: P500
Locker rates and one on one instructors’ fee are separate
Mobile:  0977 281 2208
*Parking is not a problem.

Fitness Mecca Bacolod gym amenities
Check out their air conditioned bathroom.

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