Trying Times

We are facing trying times now, which is really because I am having raging hormones that cause me to be emotional and cranky most of the time. This is already taking its toll on my tired husband and it just doesn’t help that he doesn’t have a wife with a nice mood to come home to.

Don’t get me wrong. My husband is very agreeable and nice but I have to admit that he can’t stand it when I am angry. As long as I am nice and in a good mood, he will just gladly do everything for me. But when I get grumpy, he will get grumpy, too. I guess the saying is true that the wives are really the thermostat of the home.

So anyway, it has been a trying few days. It is already my second trimester and although I feel much better and have more energy to spare, I can’t say the same for my moods. Sigh…

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