Two Nights Without TV

My family and I just got back from from a two-day, two-night vacation in Tangub. Yeah, we went home to my parents’ house for the weekend so that we can rest and also that Dindin could have a change of atmosphere.

We have been cooped up in our third floor home for quite some time and we just thought that bringing her somewhere else would do her good. And instead of just one night, we spent two nights. Thankfully, we had some extra clothes with us.

And besides, it was a joy for my parents to have us around. They really want to spend some time with our kid. After all, Dindin is their only granddaughter. And she also loves them as much because they really take good care of her. I just wish we can go there as often. But then of course, that would mean leaving our jobs and not doing anything else. So it is good to be doing that from time to time but not always. Otherwise, we would not be earning and just spending. LOL

Well because we were there, that meant no TV for two nights! We usually watch TV at night, even just a short while to watch our favorite shows. Although my parents also had cable, we never really did get a chance to watch. We just talked and talked for hours. haha Yeah, I guess we did have a lot of catching up.

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