Unexpected Expenses

Glass can be really tricky. I mean they are sensitive things that need care. But sometimes, there are accidents and untoward incidents so they break, crack, or shatter to pieces.

Such is what happened to our windshield a couple of months ago and we spent some days driving around with only a plastic cover taped on it. We were having money problems then because our baby had been getting sick. Imagine this scenario, she got sick 10 times in a period of 4 months. That is an average of more than two times every month.

The same symptoms appeared each time: sneezing, dry cough, sleepless night, vomiting, and fever. She must also be nauseated.

Anyway, God has been gracious to us and we finally determined what was causing her sickness. When the cause was avoided, our Dindin has been cleared.

One of the unexpected expenses that we incurred was when someone broke our car’s side window. We were parking the car outside the garage for several nights already because there were some stuff that was taking up space in the garage. Actually, those were just junk because we bought a new machine for the store and the packaging was not yet removed because everybody else was busy and was prioritizing many other things.

But taking for granted the taking out of the garbage cost us our car window. We are just thankful that was only the damage and the thief did not get anything else, otherwise we would have a bigger problem.

That same night all the stuff in the garage were taken out because we really had to park inside because the window is already broken. Sigh, learning experience. We had the glass replaced but we had to look everywhere because that part is not common. We don’t have places here like Glass Replacement Portland where there is an extensive collection of glass replacements.

So okay, that was past and we are looking forward to a blessed future.

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