Unhealthy Dating Signs That Can Destroy Your Life

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With all the cheesy romantic ideas we get from novels, movies, and TV series, we can get all too excited about dating. The early stages are just so exciting. However, this excitement usually wanes after awhile and you settle into a more comfortable situation with your partner. When this happens over the long haul, problems might arise in the relationship, so you should watch out for these unhealthy dating signs.

Unhealthy Dating Signs to Watch Out For

Sometimes, you can already feel that your relationship is no longer good or healthy for you. You might be aware that there’s already a problem but maybe, you are trying to deny it or you are hopeful that things will get better.

But for your sake, look into these unhealthy dating signs so that you can make the necessary adjustments in your relationship. Or you can leave before you are in too deep.

He is constantly calling or texting you.

As a new couple getting to know each other, you are still very excited to connstantly communicate. You might always be talking, chatting, or sending text messages–even while at work.

However, these messages and calls no longer become normal if these are only directed to one person—him. He actually demands it, like you should report to him your whereabouts or what you are doing in real time.

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~ Honesty and openness are both very important in every relationship. But you don’t have to report or take pictures of your every move. ~

After putting the phone down from an hour-long phone call, you suddenly get a text message and it is still from him! This is exhausting and by the end of the day, you realize that you lost all your hours just interacting with him. Eventually, he would take over your life.

Your time is his time.

As a working, modern woman, we all have responsibilities to do. During the week, you may work in the office and you get home tired. A lot of times, you do your personal errands during the weekends or late at night after work.

But it seems that you no longer even have time to go to the salon or have that personal time at the spa because you are constantly with this guy. If you are not together, you are just chatting or talking to him that you can’t seem to get anything done.

You keep putting off meeting your friends.

Before the boyfriend, you had your girl friends that you hang out with. It has always been natural for you to spend time with them and share stories over coffee or to watch a movie together.

But ever since you started dating, you can’t even squeeze an afternoon to be with them throughout the week. That is because your date is constantly haunting you and occupying your every waking hour. Even the time that you are supposed to sleep gets “usurped” because he wants to become your everything.

You are finding ways to avoid him.

After the initial spark dies down, you are eventually find him too much as a partner. His excessive attention and clinginess will get to you and will already find ways to avoid him.

Your may not be doing it consciously, but you do feel like you want to see him or hear from him less. The atmosphere in your relationship has become too suffocating.

You are exhausted.

Yes, you can get physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted with such a relationship. With all the constant demands from your partner, plus all your responsibilities, even the lack of sleep, you will really become exhausted. Moreover, you will realize that you are slowly fading away, as he takes over your consciousness.

Take Action

When your lover is like this, you have to make a decision. These unhealthy dating signs will cause more problems later on in the relationship, especially if you are already looking into marriage.

For one, you might want to impose changes in your relationship. Make him understand and realize the situation, as the reason for his actions is that he is really in love.

But if he doesn’t get the point and even gets mad about it, then maybe there really is something wrong with him his personality. This might be the ultimte sign that you need to end the toxic relationship for your emotional health.

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