Uniqlo in Bacolod: Life Wear for the Whole Family

Uniqlo Bacolod is at
SM City Bacolod north wing ground floor.

Uniqlo kidswear
Our kids both wearing striped Uniqlo knitted shirts at SM City Bacolod.

Uniqlo, the famous life wear from Japan, is now in Bacolod. They officially opened their doors to the sweet people of Bacolod, Philippines last June 17, 2016. It is a very large store full of displays from the floor to the ceiling.

Uniqlo is a brand of wearables that are marketed as “life wear”, because literally, you can wear them for your every day life. They are designed to be comfortable, affordable, and absolutely adorable. They constantly collaborate with different companies in order to come up with unique designs like those of Coca-cola, Disney, Marvel, Lego, sporting greats, and the like.

Uniqlo Bacolod
Opening day ceremonies at Uniqlo–sales team welcomed the guests.

And the great thing is, Uniqlo is not just about fashion or style. While they do not lack in both, they have have a research and development team whose sole purpose of existence is to improve the quality of their clothes by using science. One such drastic improvement is the introduction of the Airism line that features the Cupro, a kind of fiber that is what we term as “breathable”. This translates to very cool clothes that you can actually feel once you have worn them. And they look nice, too. These clothes are very appropriate in our hot and humid weather here in the Philippines.

Uniqlo kidswear
Our younger daughter telling me about the cute shirts that she saw.

I also appreciate the classic designs that they have for kids. Our little girls look cute in their striped shirts and they are already telling us about what else they would like to buy at Uniqlo, especially the dresses and cropped pants. They have several lines of clothes for kids that cannot be fitted and are sealed, for hygienic purposes. Naturally, you cannot return or exchange them, too.

Uniqlo kidswear
The kidswear by Uniqlo Bacolod.
Uniqlo kidswear
Features of the Uniqlo kidswear

5 Features of Uniqlo Kidswear
1. Designs that let kids more freely
2. Materials that provide ultimate comfort and functionality
3. Made for easier removal
4. Fun designs for kids
5. Reassuring, safe features to help kids grow and stay healthy

Uniqlo Bacolod
Our eldest daughter Dindin absolutely loves the store! We will have to bring her shopping again next time.

Uniqlo Bacolod is located at the ground floor, SM City Bacolod north wing, just across the atrium. It is a very big store with a couple of entrances so you will not miss it.

Uniqlo ladies wear
Ladies wear at Uniqlo Bacolod.
Uniqlo mens wear
Mens wear by Uniqlo Bacolod.

Other than Uniqlo, I am on the lookout for amazing sales in ZALORA. We have bought many outfits there for wifey and me. They’re fashionable, of good quality, and affordable, too. 😀 And when they have a sale, wow! It is something you shouldn’t miss.

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