V Neck Shirts Are Love

G.P. — For awhile that I have been going to the SM Store here in Bacolod City, I had been looking at the men’s section because they are selling V Neck shirts in bright colors. I checked the sizes and thought that I would fit in a small one. But my pocket told me to wait it out a bit. That’s fine, I was not in a hurry.

But yesterday, when we went to SM it was a different story. You see, hubby checked out the Superman shirts collection and thankfully, they had his size this time so he got a couple of shirts. When I looked at the V Neck shirts section, they had limited colors left and the sizes were already broken. Uh-oh, I thought. So I grabbed one in order to fit it. If I could buy even just one. But when I went to the fitting room, I passed by the display of Sun Joy shirts–a different brand. They also had V Neck shirts in attractive colors. And at P269.75, it was P130 cheaper than the one I was holding. Cool!

My new V Neck shirts.

But what made it better was what the merchandiser told me–they had a special offer of a 10% off plus a free one if you buy 3. Waaaaa Panic mode! So I tried on their XS size and the one that I originally took from another brand. The Sun Joy was a perfect fit for me. So in the end, I bought 4 and got a free one. In all, I took home 5 shirts! Weeee I am sooo happy.

You see, I want a hassle-free lifestyle in terms of clothing. I mean, I want to go to grocery, to my daughter’s PTA meeting, or to the park and not have to think about what I’m going to wear or if I had worn it recently. With these shirts, I just wear one and go. And it is so simple. I will just pair it with shorts and flip flops or sneakers and then I’m good. So comfy and so uncomplicated, like the cool peavey pa system at musicians friend. I am so happy with this purchase. And I got a real good deal, too. Thank God, I listened to guidance to wait it out a bit. 😀

17 thoughts on “V Neck Shirts Are Love

  1. My Vnecks are sooo V talaga. Napakababa ng neckline. Haha 😀 kaya I put tube inside 🙂 Super comfortable and I usually pair it with jeans and Vans. 🙂

  2. Oh yes i love V-necks shirts,i think lahat ng white shirts ko ay V-neck,comfortable,presko at malinis tignan 😉

  3. V-neck tshirst is still not out in fashion trend, so it is still nice to wear V-necks styles tshirts. ^___^

  4. i love simple shirts or tee’s like that . its so comfy to wear even on a sunny day.. it’s a great deal for a 4 plus one free shirt. cool 🙂

  5. I personally love v-neck shirts. Hindi siya nakakasakal. Hehe! Try mo Jockey minsan, it’s expensive ng onti lang but it lasts long and they come in attractive colors too.

  6. I also love v-necks. It looks more feminine! A perfect sorts/ skirt and pair of flats will look perfect on this shirt.

  7. Absolutely affordable and you are lucky to have bought all the shirts for a lower price. I also believe that you do not necessarily need to buy too expensive shirts just too loom good instead buy those budget wise clothes that gives you comfort.

  8. V- neck is good for those who have round face and near lower neck…it also expose a little skin below the neck.

  9. Same here I love V-necks too!!! V-neck shirts are my favorite aside from its comfortable specially this summer I can wear it with whatever I want (pants,shorts,skirts) just add accessories and your V-neck will have a new look.

  10. Wow, very good find for shirt. I do go in Men’s section if I wanted to look for a plain colored shirt – love the colors but I do not know why but I just dont wear Vneck. Maybe I might give Vneck a chance, maybe next time. 🙂

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