Valentine’s Day 2010

Today, we woke up just like any other day. We were awaken when our baby cried and demanded her bottle. But for many people, today is Chinese New Year and more especially, Valentine’s Day.

We only realized that when, while taking breakfast and I was feeding Dindin, Mag TV na Amiga of ABS-CBN, plugged their Valentine’s special for today. Ohhhh!!! Then I let out an awkward
“Happy Valentine’s Day” greeting to everyone on the table. Of course, since I was with my father in law and brother in law and my husband on the table, I did not expect a response. And of course, no one really did say a word. hahaha But that is just fine. Nobody really celebrates Valentine’s Day here, as our January and February are filled with birthday celebrations and our in-laws’ anniversary.

But for my husband and I, we have been making this day special ever since. While we were bathing Dindin, I told him, “Oh, we forgot that today is Valentine’s. And we only have one baby for now.” I let out a chuckle. I am not really complaining. For me, I have the best husband and his forgetting Valentine’s does not mean he loves me less or I will love him less. After all, I forgot, too. hahaha

So we went on with our morning rituals etc. Then finally, I opened my laptop. There inside was an envelope. I had been very slow lately and I could not really comprehend the things going on around me until late. So when I saw the envelope, I thought, “Hmmm…strange. I don’t think I left that there last night.” hahaha tange! It was a Valentine’s Day greeting from my dear dear husband! And here is what he got to say. 😀

To my Wife, with Love

I want to thank you for everything you do.
This is foryou, because I want you to know…
I think you’re the best wife any man could ask for.

Thank you for being the most beautiful part of my life,
for being my happiness,
my home, my dearest friend,
and the one I love endlessly.

You’re more than just my wife…
You’re everything to me.

I love you.

And in his own words.

“It has not been easy…it’s hard work!
But we’ve done it…we’vemade it work!
It is not perfect yet. But I am so happy
to see our marriage grow more and more
beautiful each day. Let’s thank the Lord
for the grace that He continues to strengthen
us and give us wisdom. And I thank Him for
the miracles He does in our hearts.
Blessed be the name of the Lord!”


Awwww… sweet…hay…puno heart ko…hihihihi
Grabe ngisi.Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 😀

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