Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestion for Her

I a not really one who expects much on Valentine’s Day. If ever, I just want a dinner date with hubby before or after the actual date, which is February 14, because the exact day is just wayyy to crowded for me. With so many events all over the city, all the restaurants especially at the malls are just full.

For hubby and I, Valentine’s Day is just another day to celebrate our love. It is just like any other day because we actually do celebrate our marriage and our love every single day. So technically, Valentine’s Day is just like setting aside another day in the year and finding a reason to go on a date. hihihi

I do not really expect gifts of the material kind, especially that we now have two kids whose futures we have to think of, but I know that there are others who do. The most common gifts received by the ladies are flowers, balloon arrangements, chocolates, perfume, and jewelry. For me, I would really like a nice couple’s watches from Timex. Many of you know that I really like the brand because  Timex watches has various designs that caters to both males and females! Okay, it is just a dream for me right now, okay? hihi

As for you, why not give something different this year? Why not consider giving her a devotional or inspirational book? It is something that she can read that will build her up as a person. Browse through Christian bookstores and carefully select a good book that will truly bless her. That would be a really great and unique Valentine’s Day gift that will be a true blessing. If you have extra budget, you may pair it with flowers and a greeting card with heartfelt writings. A gift to remember and cherish. 😀

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