Valentines Flowers for Delivery

Since last month, a friend of mine has started receiving orders for Valentines flowers for delivery. She is in the business of cargo and so they have the proper logistics for ordering and delivering flowers. She teamed up with another friend who has suppliers of fresh flowers from Baguio City.

I think it is a great business, especially for Valentine’s Day this February because there are still many people who want to express their affections through flowers.

As for me, I think it is nice and cute and I do appreciate flowers — I even have a blog called Flowers by the Wayside — but honestly, I tell my husband not to give me flowers on special occasions. That is because I think that on special days, flowers can be really expensive. The prices can go up to four times their original prices.

But don’t think I am not too sentimental and more practical, because I would rather receive jewelry! LOL

I guess all I am saying is that, this is just a tip for the men. Not all women would appreciate getting flowers. While I may like receiving it, at the back of my mind, I would keep on wondering how much it costs. LOL That is just me. And I think we have more important things to buy–like Dindin’s milk.

So that is why I am not really into Valentines flowers.

One thought on “Valentines Flowers for Delivery”

  1. hahaha…at least yung jewelry hindi namamatay..I mean you know..
    in my entire life of existence I receive flowers 3 times pa lang..oo…
    pero okay na yun..tama ka..I think kong may anak na priority si baby talaga..
    pero ako i still want to receive flowers kahit for no reason..,
    thoughtful lang ba..hehehe

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