Walks at the Capitol Lagoon

We just came home from a walk around the Capitol Lagoon.

Earlier tonight we just thought of going to take a walk. Then it came out that my parents in law also wanted to go. So my husband, my daughter and my in-laws went there.

We enjoyed the cool breeze tonight. Summer is here, hot but dry. And we love it! It is because I hate humidity so the dry summer is a welcome relief. Ahhh…I hope it is always like this. Nice and sunny. However, we cannot really wish for that because otherwise, our farmers and eventually all of us would go hungry.

Anyway, there were so many people at the lagoon tonight. There were many foreigners too, some just strolling while others are brisk walking. There were many kids playing on the playground. Families and lovers were scattered all over the place.

I am just thankful that we have a nearby park like the Capitol Lagoon. I think we will be frequent visitors this summer.

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