Watching Madagascar 2 While Pregnant

My husband and I watched Madagascar 2 Escape to Africa last night. And of course, we watched the first movie when it was shown.

We enjoyed it tremendously that even before we watched the movie, we started collecting the Madagascar toys from McDonalds Happy Meal.

And we loved the movie so much that guess what? Our dinner last night was–you guessed it, McDonalds Happy Meals! We got 2 more toys last night. So all in all, we have 5 of the toys–the hippo, the giraffe, the monkey, the zebra, and the penguin. Loved them all! They look good on my dresser all lined up one after another! hehehe But that is enough already. I will not complete the set of 8 anymore because they are also quite expensive. And we don’t regularly eat at McDonalds, that is really getting out of the way to buy it.

Anyway, I loved the script of that movie. The characters dished out witty lines. And I simply loved the story, especially how a father (Zuba) defended his son (Alex) who did not behave like a real lion (roaring and fighting) because he was a dancer. I loved the ending, too. The tale was heartwarming.

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