Weddings and Marriages

“If couples put even half as much thought preparing for marriage as they give to the wedding, there’d be fewer divorces.” – Ptr. Rick Warren

Wow! Such powerful words and so true. I got this from my husband’s wall on Facebook.

Indeed, so much planning, preparation, and expense are put into a wedding. Sometimes, the preps could take more than a year. But as for the marriage, couples attend at most six sessions of counseling. Then when problems arise, that is when they seek marriage counseling.

What if things were reversed? What if we spent more time preparing for the marriage, which lasts a lifetime, than the wedding, which last just a couple of hours? What if we spent more time attending marital counseling, watching videos on marriage, and praying for our relationship? What if we spent more money on materials likes books that will make our marriage stronger?

Wow! Just imagine what would happen! And these are some of the things I could think of:
1. There will be fewer divorces and broken homes.
2. There will be happier marriages.
3. People will live healthier and longer lives (stress can shorten life span).
4. Children will be happier and will grow up to be adults who were not traumatized by divorces. They are also unlikely to get divorced in their own marriages.
5. We will have a generally happier world to live in.

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