What Binds Your Marriage

It seems that recently, I am reading about more and more divorces among celebs in the United States. And if it is rampant among actors, models, singers, socialites, and the like, how much more common is the incidence among the general population?

Anyway, it seems that the tie that binds a lot of marriages has become too thin. I would probably think that a hairpin cotter pin is already weak, but what about a thread?

Yet it is all too common now.

But relying on something as flimsy as looks, money, status, or even intimacy will never guarantee a successful marriage. You have to find a more solid foundation that goes beyond the fleeting emotion for the moment. You have to find something grounded so that your commitment will last a lifetime and not another divorce statistic.

2 thoughts on “What Binds Your Marriage

  1. I noticed it too with so many divorce, no other woman, mistress movies and the like.. What binds my marriage with hubby is our deep love and respect to each other and more importantly being open.

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