What Father’s Day Means to Me

two daughters
My two precious girls. We constantly pray for and with them. This photo was taken last Valentine’s Day, when I gave them both Valentine’s gifts.

Father’s day is supposed to dedicate a day in the year to celebrate our fathers –to remember them; to appreciate them; to make them feel important even just on this one day. But for me, now that I am a father myself, I don’t really mind the niceties nor do I want to feel important on that day. Not that I mind a special meal with the family, of course–that is bonding with them over good food. Instead, on this day, I just want to remind myself of my role in our family as well as to celebrate its challenges during the different stages that we find our family in at the moment.

“I am mindful of how I raise my kids because

that would be my biggest contribution to society.”

After becoming a father to two pretty wonderful princesses, I don’t just take fatherhood as a position over them. I seriously considered that I am a very important part of their life. But more than to just my kids, I am also mindful of how I raise them up because that would also be my a contribution to society. Whatever legacy I leave to them I hope will have a great impact on their lives so as to affect this city, if not to the whole country and the rest of the world. I may not be a man of big influence to the people outside of my small family, but I would like to see that whatever I impart to my girls will resonate and make a big impact to our society in the future.

I love my children and it is my duty to protect and provide for them. But more than that, as a father, I need to see their roles in the bigger picture. I pray that I will prepare them enough.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers in the world, especially to my father and father in law!

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