What I had been up to

Written Monday, at a different house with no internet connection.

Hi all! You may be wondering what I had been up to. Well, I took a nice long vacation, which up to the time of this writing, is not yet done. I left my in-laws house around 5:30am last Friday. It is Monday now and I am still here. My husband drove me here.

And last Saturday and Sunday, he was here too.

Anyway, what I did here at my parents’ house is to eat, sleep, and watch DVD. I wanted to rest, and I got the rest that I needed. At my in-laws’ house, sure there are servants, but that is also a commercial area. I don’t get much peace and quiet there. Also, since I have the internet there, I would continue to work. Here, I only have my laptop. And it is only today that I decided to scribble some thoughts.

I had been feeling better already. The discomforts of UTI just come back occasionally. Though I am still on antibiotics and I continue to drink coconut water. I really enjoy the peace and quiet here, not to mention the fresh vegetables and fresh foods that we eat everyday. I have been eating a lot of fish here lately, too.

So, so far, these are the things that I have been doing lately.

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