What Nine Years of Marriage Have Brought Us

My wife and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary just recently. And it brought me to this realization that I am trying to write down. These are my thoughts, my feelings about our marriage. This is especially written for my wife–my beloved, my other half, who authors www.sigridsays.com.

couple's portrait
Wifey and I while we were still dating, circa 2003. We were young and thin then.

More than seven years of dating, nine years of marriage, seven years of being parents, and two beautiful girls later, here we are. Look how far we’ve come.

But that is just the big picture. For me, the best parts of the picture are the details. The moments. Sometimes, they just last for a few seconds. When I say “moments”, these are not just the good times, but the tough times as well. And it is my view that people can appreciate the good times better if only they can also know the tough times that we were challenged with. All these things together have made who and what we are right now as well as the way we can enjoy our love and togetherness.

We enjoy food better when we share the meal and when we share with each other what we like about it. I cannot even figure out why food tastes better when we enjoy it together. I can say this because we once went to an eat-all-you-can pizza promo. Because you were pregnant with our eldest at that time and couldn’t stand the taste of anything with tomato sauce, you ordered something else and I was the only one who availed of the promo. In the end, I regretted the decision because I did not enjoy the experience at all and I only ate a few slices of pizza. And if I remember it right, I think I did not reach the maximum I eat at an eat-all-you-can.

Vikings date
Wifey and I during a recent luncheon at Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM City Bacolod.

A party only becomes a real party when we are there, attending the event together. If you can’t go or won’t go for one reason of the other, I would just rather skip the event. Many times I am at a show that I enjoy so much, I couldn’t help but wish you were there, too. I know you would also enjoy it, too. I would rather that we see, taste, and experience things together because I know that we would both enjoy it and the discussion afterwards is also most rewarding.

carnival theme kiddie party
Attending a kiddie party together. Yeah, we enjoy even those kinds of parties. And it is just soooo sad if my wife isn’t there with me.

The same is true with travel. Despite your asking me sometimes if I don’t get tired of lugging all our things, honestly, I do. But the fact that we are together experiencing the same good things make me thankful instead of complaining. If only we could be together all the time, I would be very happy.

Quali Tea Bacolod
Just of our outings as a couple. I believe we had milk tea at Quali Tea where this picture was taken. We don’t always go out on a date because of the responsibilities and our kids. So this was a rare moment.

At this point, I am grateful and happy for what we have reached. We still have dreams that we want to accomplish but I feel that this is where God wants us to be.

I love you so much, Babe, and I am looking forward to celebrating many more decades of anniversaries together. May God grant us strength and health to be able to enjoy all of them, too.

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