What to Expect from the P1.2-Billion Upper East Mall by Megaworld in Bacolod

Property giant Megaworld is building a three-level lifestyle mall inside its 34-hectare The Upper East township in Bacolod City. The three-level Upper East Mall will become Bacolod’s first green mall and an architectural landmark.

Upper East Mall Bacolod by Megaworld - green mall - Bacolod blogger - shopping -Bacolod real estate

Shoppers are always on the look out for new places to shop. And Megaworld has just revealed details of their plans for the Upper East Mall. While shopaholics are sure to be excited about this new shopping haven, I am not as a shopper. This mall is exciting me in a different way.

While many people are raising eyebrows about this new Bacolod mall, we are quite excited about it because it’s means more than just shopping.

Advantages of the Upper East Mall by Megaworld

Needless to say, Megaworld has thought about this project very well. It’s not just about shopping and profits. Here are the reasons why the Upper East Mall is something to look forward to in Bacolod.

Green Mall

To be managed and operated by Megaworld Lifestyle Malls, the Upper East Mall will be highlighted by sustainable features. It will have its own solar panel roofing, energy efficiency features such as perceived airconditioning cooling design, escalators with crawling features, and rainwater harvesting system. Here, the rainwater is recycled for plant watering.

Moreover, there will be a gray water recycling system for the water that is discharged from the sewage treatment plant. It is then collected and used for secondary flushing of mall’s toilets and urinals.

Flood control

So yeah, the company has foresight and has prepared measures to prevent flooding in the area.


Megaworld has retained decades-old trees near the Upper East Mall. They are also planting new ones as well as plants for a green landscape.

Traffic Management

Traffic jams would not be a problem in the Upper East township. It boasts of a 6-lane avenues!

Upper East Mall Bacolod by Megaworld - green mall - Bacolod blogger - shopping -Bacolod real estate
6 lane avenues? No traffic jams in this area.

Giving Opportunities for Bacolod Talents

The Upper East Mall is expected to provide employment to many people. Construction alone will need about 1000 workers. Megaworld Senior AVP Harold Brian Geronimo said that the whole development will give approximately 250,000 jobs to locals.

These are just some of the assurances that Megaworld has given Bacolod as they develop the Upper East.

About the Upper East Mall

Covering a gross floor area of 24,200-square meters, the Upper East Mall is set to become Bacolod’s new architectural landmark. It showcases a blend of neo-classical and art deco architecture, which is reminiscent of New York City’s Upper East Side.

The most striking highlight of the mall would be the 48-meter clock tower that lights up at night. It will be clearly seen from afar and is going to be a major landmark along the six-lane main avenue of the township.

Upper East Mall Bacolod by Megaworld - green mall - Bacolod blogger - shopping -Bacolod real estate - Kevin Tan

“What we are building in The Upper East is not just an ordinary mall. We are curating an architectural masterpiece that depicts the cosmopolitan vibe of our Bacolod township,” says Kevin L. Tan, chief strategy officer, Megaworld. “This is just the first mall that we are building in this township. And there is still more room for future expansion.”

A Lifestyle Mall

The Upper East Mall will boast of several rows of restaurants that will face a garden of century-old Acacia trees. Additionally, the trees will be surrounded by Koi ponds.

Cinema goers will be excited to learn that the mall will also house four state-of-the-art cinemas and an open-air Food Hall. This, too, will have an indoor garden.

The mall will be directly connected to the future Transport Hub of the township. This is just across the central park facing the two Bacolod residential condominium towers of One Regis and Two Regis.

P1.2-Billion Budget

All of these features has a price and Megaworld is allocating P1.2-billion to build the Upper East Mall. It is expected to open its doors to the Bacolod shopping public by 2021.

Upper East Mall Bacolod by Megaworld - green mall - Bacolod blogger - shopping -Bacolod real estate - Kevin Tan
The Upper East Mall at night (artist’s rendition).

“We are excited to see The Upper East transforming into a modern central business district (CBD) of Bacolod. In the next few years, we will see the residential towers, office towers, commercial buildings, luxury hotel, church, parks, and this new mall rising,” reveals Tan. “We will also be opening the Upper East Avenue to the public in two years,” he adds.  

Other Megaworld Developments

Aside from The Upper East, Megaworld is also simultaneously completing its 54-hectare Northill Gateway township located along the Bacolod-Silay Airport Access Road.

The township will also have its own lifestyle mall called Northill Town Center beside the residential villages of Forbes Hill and Fountain Grove. Last March, the lots at Forbes Hill were already turned over to the homeowners.

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