When All You Can Do is to Be Strong for Your Husband

Every marriage has its ups and downs and like Covid-19, nobody is immune to problems. That is because we live in a world that is far from ideal and living happily ever after only exists in fairy tales. Though the man is usually the recognized leader in the home, what happens if you are needed to be strong for your husband at a particular time? What do you do? You do it.

When You Need to Be Strong for Your Husband

Recently, I have written about Mamu Dahlia Supnad of Bacolod City who is helping her husband fight liver cirrhosis. I admire her tenacity and strength as she helps her husband Fafi Ahbong fight the illness by taking care of his health and other physical needs.

Moreover, she has become his strength—his source of light, encouragement, and the motivation to keep fighting.

Meanwhile, Mamu and their grownup children keep working and selling in order to provide for the family’s livelihood as well as Fafi’s growing medical needs.

I really admired Mamu Dahlia for her grit. She has been through so much but she remains joyful, stylish, and in fighting form. Then she told me this, “I need to be strong for Fafi. He cannot see me weak.”

The husband and wife is a team and good teammates help each other.

That statement to be strong for your husband hit me. I just didn’t expect that I have to experience it soon enough.

A Hard Blow to Our Family

Last week, hubby and I faced two unfortunate events within two consecutive days. The gap was less than 24 hours, actually.

The first incident happened the day before our youngest daughter Shane’s 7th birthday. The second one happened right on her birthday. So while we were just smiling for family photos, it was just a temporary respite from what we were going through.

I won’t get into details anymore but the incidents really affected my hubby. He felt so bad about the successive bad events while at the same time worried about our finances. These two happenings greatly affected our family budget. He was so down but he also mentioned that he would be fine if he sees me that I am. So I had no choice but to be strong for him.

Woman, You Are Strong

Life is not perfect so from time to time, we need to shift roles in the marriage and that’s okay. Sometimes, we need to be strong for our husbands. Here are some things we should remember:

We Are a Team

First thing that we need to remember is that in a marriage, the husband and wife comprise a team. Good teammates help each other because we are always on the same side and the goal is to win any and every battle that life throws our way.

Finding that Inner Strength

When people say that the female is the weaker species is so wrong in all aspects. When necessary, we find strength we don’t know that we have. I know that I am emotionally weak, which is the reason why I don’t watch drama movies or shows. Tears can easily flow from my eyes like they are paid to do so.

What I do know is that I have a big God who loves us and answers prayers. I drew strength from Him and from the children He has entrusted in my care. Since hubby is feeling down, I can only help him by praying for Him and pulling him back up through love and motivation.

Whatever your source of strength is, know that we have a reservoir that we can draw from when the need arises.

So you go, girl! Be strong for your husband and be there we he needs you the most.

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