When Your Child is Sick

It is really very hard when your child gets sick. The child is irritable because she is not feeling well. She would refuse food and/or medicines. And she would toss and turn in bed leaving you and your husband not being able to rest.

Last year, Dindin had been sick on an off. Every week or so, she would get sick and the illness would last for a couple of weeks. Then the cycle of continue. It was not until that we were able to identify what is causing her series of ailments that we were able to rest from the horrific times. She was allergic to the printing downstairs and since she is still a toddler whose immune system is not yet strong, she was susceptible. And if there are already viruses and bacteria in the air, she would easily get sick. Thankfully, we got over that episode.

But now, our hearts go out to our friends Ian and Daphne because our goddaughter Gianna is in the hospital. We really feel sad about this because I am very much aware of the anguish that sickness can bring the family. I really pray for healing and provision to be upon them. I also pray that Gianna’s health will be completely restored. Praise be to God.

The good thing is, they also have Philhealth to augment hospitalization costs. We no longer have Medicare supplements here. It was changed to Philhealth and although there are more limitations now, at least there is still medical support that we can turn to. In the United States, they still have Medicare and they can also easily asked for Medicaid info from the government in cases of emergency.

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