Where is Sara Leal Now?

Sarah Leal on a wild weekend that reportedly regrets.

You may want to ask: Who is Sara Leal?

Well, she is now the infamous girl who figured greatly in the celebrated divorce of celebrity couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. It was widely reported that Mr. Kutcher had a one-night stand with Miss Leal on the night of his sixth wedding anniversary to Moore.

And while all blame might not be given to Sara, she was probably the icing to an already spoiled wedding cake. In the past, it was also reported that Kutcher had several instances where he cheated on Moore.

Anyway, where is Sara Leal now?

I have thought about her and what she is probably thinking about the whole Ashton-Demi situation. After all, she was an overnight sensation after granting interviews in the media and divulging their one-night affair. I thought that maybe she is still gloating.

But apparently not.

I recently read an article online that Miss Leal got fired from her job and she is currently ex-communicado from her family because of the whole incident. She claims that she is not a party-girl and that the media attention that she got contributed to her negative fame. She also claims that most 22-year-olds would kinda scramble for an affair with the actor. Ahh…hmmm…I guess all I can say to her is, “Speak for yourself.”

Honestly, it is hard to sympathize with her. She plays other woman to what once was a triangle. But now, Ashton and Demi are already divorced. There is no sympathy at all for her. The online comments are harsh against her. And we cannot really blame the people.

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