Why We Stayed in Bacolod City

Ayala mall
One of the places that we like to hang out is The District North Point, a development of Ayala Land Inc. and is located in Talisay City, near the border to Bacolod.

My wife and I live in a generation where many left the country right after college or within a decade after we graduated from college. Wifey also attempted to seek work abroad but didn’t succeed because of one reason or the other. God has His plans and we believe that His plans for us are to stay here.

Well, one of the reasons is that we have a business here and wifey can just work anywhere as long as she has a computer and internet connection. Secondly, we love how generally peaceful and orderly life is here. Bacolod is a cross between being a provincial town and being a modern hub with several malls around the city. We have many modern conveniences but we live a laid back life where if we need to go someplace in the city, we just have to leave the house 5 minutes before the event and find that we are still ahead of time when we get there.

There are already so many developments in Bacolod City that we feel it will not take very long for us to have all that we need here so that we no longer need to go to Manila.

And along with those commercial developments are residential developments as well. Yes, they go alongside. Many people are settling down here, buying properties for their families. Expansions can be found to the north, the south, and the east. Bacolod Real Estate has never been this brisk. And it comes as no surprise as who would not want to live in a city where the cost of living is cheap and you have most of the conveniences within reach?

If you are interested to own a property here in Bacolod City, you might want to contact Gatanela Realty Co. The company is a registered realty services company since January 3, 2007 offering a full range of services to real estate owners and buyers around the Philippines, especially in Bacolod City and Negros Island Region. They have a team of experienced real estate professionals who are willing to assist anyone who would like to buy or sell properties around the country.

Gatanela Realty Co. Services

Specifically, its services include:

1). Real Estate Appraisal so that you will know the fair market value of your property and determine its highest and best use in order to maximize your income potentials.

2). Real Estate Brokerage and Marketing, which includes the free listing of your property for sale, promotion and advertising to find buyers, and the actual sales transactions.

3). Legal Counseling and Advisory Services on real estate, which includes settlement of estates, cancellation of liens and encumbrances, as well as the litigation to protect your rights as property owner.

Gatanela Realty Co.
Suite 4, 2nd Floor, LD Centre
7th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City 6100
Negros Occidental, Philippines
above Chowking-Lacson, in front of Capitol lagoon
E- mail us: gatanela.realty@yahoo.com.
Telephone: (6334) 468-0314.

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