Why Women Cheat on their Husbands

It is not only the men who cheat. Women also have tendency to cheat on their marriage. And it all seems dependent on the situation they are in.

Here are some reasons why women cheat on their husbands:

1. When the husband is abusive and controlling.
2. When both the wife and the husband resent each other.
3. When the wife is bored and unhappy in the marriage.
4. When the husband is a workaholic.
5. When the husband cheated first.

Now before you throw bottles at me, I would just like to let you know that this isn’t my list. Rather I took this out from Yahoo.

What I think is that cheating is inexcusable for both men and women. It is not an accident but a willful decision to cheat. You do not stumble over a stone and just find yourself in bed with someone else. As always, I say that I am not in a position to judge people who have cheated in the past or are currently cheating on their spouses. All I am saying is that it is inexcusable.

For me, our marriages are still worth fighting for. If you can’t live in it anymore, then get out of it. Don’t cheat.

In a different light, many people marry because of just the initial physical attraction. But when this goes away, the marriage crumbles. It is like in the cartoons where the lady or the female specimen flutters her eyelashes and the male specimen just flies off to the roof. But no matter how you read eyelash growth products reviews in order to get the most lustrous lashes, they do not make well for a successful marriage. Of course, being pretty and all is not bad. It is just not the answer to a lasting and loving marriage.

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