Will Huma Abedin Stay with Anthony Weiner?

Anthony Weiner is the disgraced New York congressman who was involved in sending sexy photos of himself on his Twitter account, email, and other electronic media. Although he initially said that he will not resign from public office, pressures from all sides pushed him to do so.

But that is not the end of the story. When the story hit the front pages, his wife, Huma Abedin, an aide of Mrs. Hillary Clinton, was already 3 months pregnant. So you can just imagine the emotional turmoil she must have went through when the news broke. She was not with her husband at that time because she was traveling with her boss.

Many experts believe that it would be best for Huma to stick it out with her husbands. She might be angry, embarassed, and frustrated at the situation but since she is pregnant and with raging hormones, she might not be able to think clearly and just walk out. Psychiatrists think that it will be better for her and her unborn child to stay with her husband and try to work on the marriage and be a whole family again.

While some may not agree with this, but I tend to agree. That is because nobody is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, it just so happens that the guy is a congressman and his misbehavior gained global popularity. I feel bad for Huma. I can only imagine what she is feeling right now. But I think that the best possible option under the circumstance is to stay with her husband.

One thought on “Will Huma Abedin Stay with Anthony Weiner?”

  1. i must agree with you sis, i guess she has to stick it out with her husband at the moment + try to sort out whatever problems they have. it will be doubly hard because of situation + all but i think they will manage to pull it through 😀

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