Wishing for an Online Pharmacy

We buy a lot of things at the pharmacy. They can be vitamin syrup for Dindin, our food supplements, to medicines, and first aid supplies. We also buy insect creams and skin antibiotics for our daughter because she gets bitten by insects every so often and these get infected most of the time.

But I just think that it takes a lot of time to go to the drugstore and buy medicines. That is because there are just so many customers there that no matter what time of the day you go there, it will take some time before you get served and your order finally delivered to you.

I am just wishing that we could have an online pharmacy service here, like the Shop Pharmacy Counter at http://www.shoppharmacycounter.com/t-Adipex-Medicine.aspx. I know that this service is all too common in the United States but it has yet to happen here in the Philippines. What I like about online drugstores is that you can buy your health supplements from them, use your credit card, and then get your orders usually the next day. What efficiency!

Well, for now, we will just have to contend with buying medicines and supplements the old-fashioned way at the local pharmacy!

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