WOW Fiesta Videoke: Bacolod Smiles and Sings Again

WOW Fiesta Videoke - Masskara Festival - Bacolod - full HD - video background - wireless mic - microphones - singing - MassKara dancers

In any club, competition, or cruise ship, one will find a fellow Pinoy singing to the crowd’s delight. Our entertainment skills are so exceptional that it brings joy to everyone. The ability to sing is a gift that must be shared and Pinoys willingly do that at any gathering, event, or occasion, anywhere in the world. And this is where WOW Fiesta Videoke comes in.

Basta Pinoy, Magaling Kumanta

But where is this extraordinary talent first nurtured? Chances are that singing prowess was developed through endless sessions with a videoke at home. Now that health restrictions have been lifted, traveling back to our provinces has become easier. And the best time to come home to the loving embrace of our friends and family is during fiesta time.

A homecoming during the festival not only enables you to reconnect with loved ones. It also allows you to honor your locality’s patron saint or promote its best-known product. In any way, your arrival is met with a series of merrymaking activities, the chief one, of course, being singing!

Singing Anywhere with WOW! Fiesta Videoke

Not to miss out on the all-out carefree fun, relaxation, and excitement is WOW! FIESTA Videoke—a portable karaoke system with 10,000 built-in songs. You can enjoy the widest repertoire of songs from the latest hits to party favorites, duets, 90s, 80s, and All-time hits!

A WOW! FIESTA Videoke, such as the Melody 10 Wireless, for example, lets you have that #EverydayFiestaFeels. It has a high-quality sound that is powered by Dream SAM 5504 Sound Module and two professional wireless mics with up to a 15-meter range. It is car-friendly, with a compact design that is portable. What’s more, it is also a multimedia player via USB Drive, where you can enjoy HD movie marathons or sound trips.

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In the comforts of your home and surrounded by familiar faces, you can unleash your inner Josi Mari Chan or Regine Velasques with WOW! Fiesta Videoke’s full HD Video backgrounds providing a perfect backdrop for singing.

MassKara Festival in Bacolod

This October, Bacolodnons truly enjoyed the Balik Yuhum sentiment with the revitalized MassKara Festival. After being on hiatus for two years during the pandemic, the festival came back with a big bang, thanks to the leadership of Bacolod Mayor Albee Benitez.

The 43rd MassKara Festival ran for 23 days, opening on September 30 and closing on October 23.

Highlights included the MassKarade Ball, the Electric MassKara Floats, and the Streetdancing Competitions.

Aside from the main events, a lot of people also gathered in their homes and communities to join in the spirit of celebration over food, drinks, and singing.

Festivals Around the Country

With the easing of restrictions, festival fever is at an all-time high as Pinoys and foreign tourists are itching to travel. Once again, WOW Fiesta Videoke will be there to make the festivities even livelier. You can bring your WOW Fiesta Videoke unit to anywhere in the Philippines so that anyone can burst into song. Enjoy the Sinulog Festival in Cebu, Dinagyang in Iloilo, Ati-atihan Festival in Aklan, and the Bambani Festival in Isabela, which are all happening in January. Meanwhile, the Panagbenga Festival of Baguio City is happening in March. And many more are happening after that.

Like a true Filipino, it’s not just all fun and games for the company as Audio-Video Solutions Corporation, the makers of WOW Fiesta Videoke, remain grounded in their advocacy. The company is into celebrating life, promoting Filipino tourism, and supporting the music industry with premium, licensed videoke products.

Music got us through the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like the Bacolodnons, it is time to smile…and sing again!

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