A Date Under the Lunar Eclipse

Photo from NASA.gov
I worked late last night and so did my husband. At around 1:30am, I decided it was time to go to slumber land. But then, Dennis, who was still on the computer mentioned that a lunar eclipse was going to happen in less than 2 hours. But I am like, oh no…I don’t think I can stay up that much longer.

So I thought, okay, we can set the alarm to wake up around 3am. But honestly, I think that waking up after only sleeping for an hour does not sound like a good idea. Instead of sleeping, we ended up watching a movie–The Hottie and the Nottie, starring Paris Hilton. This movie was a flop but to be honest, it wasn’t so bad. I guess it is only the fact that Paris Hilton was the biggest star in that movie that people were just discouraged to watch it. Well her acting was not very good, but, her role did not really require much to start with. It was more like modelling than acting.

Going back, around 2:20am, we went out the garden and saw that the eclipse was starting to take place. We went back to watching the movie and came out again at 3:10am. The moon was almost covered and it is now very red. So we waited there in the garden, under a blanket of stars, looking up at this astronomical marvel as it continued to take place. Eventually, the moon turned a fiery red orange hue, much like a planet when you would look at pictures of the solar system. It was spectacular to say the least. And I am like, wow, here we were, astonished at this single most amazing event and I cannot help but worship the Lord for His greatness.

When the lunar eclipse was at its peak, hubby and I shared a kiss under the moon. Please allow us this okay, it is not always that we are together, I mean just the two of us. hihihi Too bad we were not able to see when the moon completely passed the earth’s shadow because there were clouds that floated and covered the sight. But well, at least, we saw the main attraction.


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  1. the main attraction was that “kiss” under an event that will happen who knows when ;-D daw ginkilig ako ba! hihihi… on our part of the planet, it was raining continuously so I don’t know if it was seen by the Chinese 🙂 basta kmi zzzzzzzzzz

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