A Portrait of Romance

A couple of weeks ago, our family was in Cebu to support our daughter Dindin for the regional finals of the SM Little Stars 2014. And since we were already there, we thought of spending an extra day to celebrate Siobe’s first birthday with relatives there and also to go around and visit some places.

But we zeroed in on the Cebu Trick Art Museum located at the 3rd Level, J Centre Mall, A.S. Fortuna Street, Bakilid, Mandaue City, Cebu. During our visit to Manila last month, we wanted so much to visit Seriland at the Manila Ocean Park because we missed it the last time we were there. But sadly, we learned that it had already closed. It was a good thing that we searched for the operation hours before going, otherwise, we would have wasted a trip to Manila Ocean Park, as it was quite far from where we stayed.

Hubby’s cousin Lilian took us to the Cebu Trick Art Museum and we spent more than an hour posing at images that when captured on camera would look like you are really part of the painting. Dindin and Lilian had fun posing with most of the images while I took the photos. Hubby carried Siobe around.

But then, there is this one painting that depicted a serene scene–much like a lover’s haven. I would love to have a sitting room with a view like that! 😀 So of course, Dennis and I didn’t pass up the chance. We set aside our bags and I let Lilian carry Siobe so that we can have a couple of minutes to pose here. We had several shots taken actually, but in the other one, I was overly animated that I looked like a gay comedian. haha

I love this photo! Though we have obviously aged and have gained weight, this photo speaks of romance and is reminiscent of the “kilig” moments when we were younger and did not have children yet. Although there are absolutely no regrets about having our two lovely daughters, we sometimes forget that once, we were a couple, because of the mundane demands of parenting. That is why, when moments like these arise, we seize it and if possible, have a portrait taken. With that, at least, we get to cherish the memory long after. 😀

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